What is it?


The Bail Fund Bake Sale uses delicious, seasonal, locally-made goodies to raise necessary funds for those who otherwise would not be able to make bail. Here's how it works:


  • Step 1: I make small-batch baked goods from locally sourced ingredients

  • Step 2: You buy them

  • Step 3: proceeds are donated

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Why is it?


The Bake Sale is inspired by the Bakers Against Racism campaign and the history of organizers using food to further movements. In addition to raising thousands of dollars, it's a sustainable way for me and the people who support the Bake Sale to build abolition into daily life. :)

What kind of goodies?


In the past, I've offered simple loaves of challah, buttermilk sweet + savory scones, classic peanut butter cookies, pepita and spiced dulce de leche alfajores, and boiled apple cider pop tarts. I'll let you know what's for sale via newsletter and Instagram, but expect it to be seasonal + delicious!

How's it going?


Slowly! 2021 brought difficulties with finding pick-up partners, but as of December 2021, I'm partnering with Ceremony Coffee and The Thirlby to make the bake sale more sustainable and higher impact. Ceremony Coffee is hosting, and The Thirlby is publishing recipes from the bake sale.  



  • FIRST BAKE SALE (6.21.20): Raised $1,273 split between The Okra Project and Critical Resistance. (More here.)

  • SECOND BAKE SALE (11.14.20): Raised $1,075 for Malcolm's Freedom Fund. (More here.)

TOTAL RAISED IN 2020: $2,348


  • #1 (5/30): $146.26 (Receipt here.)

  • #2 (6/13): $112.78 (Receipt here.)

  • #3 (8/15): $76 (Receipt here.) 

  • #4 (12/19): $394 (Receipt here.) 

TOTAL RAISED IN 2021: $729.04


  • #5 (3/13): $373.68 (Receipt here.) 

TOTAL RAISED IN 2021: $373.68