Microbakery in Baltimore, MD specializing in natural decorations and minimalist cake design.

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Specialty made-to-order cakes that are decorated simply, with candied fruit, dried and fresh flowers, sugared herbs, seasonal curds, and your choice of Swiss meringue buttercream or ganache. I grow, harvest, and press flowers–mostly calendula, nasturtiums, borage, tulsi, and mint–from my small garden for decorating. 


Herbs, also from the garden, are sugared by hand. In-season fruit is candied for use out of season, or, if you simply have to have strawberry in December, I have workarounds involving frozen fruit purees and locally made preserves. Flavors vary according to the season and your taste, and I’m more than happy to work with you on finding the right combination.

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Double Layer Chocolate Cake, Peach Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Anise Hyssop Flowers

Flower Cake 5.jpg

Single Layer Chocolate Cake, Vegan Chocolate Ganache, Calendula, Roses

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Single Layer Earl Grey Cake, Honey-Ginger Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Meyer Lemon Curd, Rose


Ideally, orders are placed two weeks prior to pick-up, but feel free to send me a note and I’ll see if I can make it work. 


For flavors and pricing information, keep scrolling. When you’re ready to order, send me an email with the following information:

  • Single or double layer cake

  • Flavor preferences and allergies

  • Preferred pick-up date 

  • Preferred pick-up time


Due to the custom nature of each cake, pricing varies according to flavors. Payment is accepted through Venmo or PayPal.


  • Single Layer 9” Cakes: Start at $55. Serves 8-12.

  • Double Layer 9” Cakes: Start at $75. Serves 12-16.


Feel free to ask any questions! I’m happy to answer.

Flower Cake 8.jpg

Single Layer Almond Raspberry Cake, Skyr Whipped Cream, Lemon Curd, Arugula Flowers

Flower Cake 7.jpg

Single Layer Almond-Vanilla Cake, Honey-Rose Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Sugared Herbs

Flower Cake 4.jpg

Single Layer Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Lemon Curd, Mint


Because each flower cake I make is completely unique, I don’t have a set menu. Below, I have a few example flavor options that are the most commonly requested, and because of their simplicity are also the most affordable to make (or in your case, buy). 


For the Sponge:


  • Chocolate

  • Vanilla

  • Almond-Citrus

  • Olive Oil


For the Frosting:

  • Vanilla or Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream

  • Chocolate Ganache

  • Hazelnut Praline

  • Salted Caramel

  • Fruit (seasonal)
  • Curd (seasonal)

  • Skyr Whipped Cream

If you want to try something a little more fun and elaborate, ask about the following options! They each cost an additional $5.

Delicious, but More Expensive:


  • Year Round: Coconut Dulce de Leche (V), fruity jelly cubes (ex: see below, left)

  • Fall: Apple Cider Caramel (V) 

I try to work within the seasons, or use preserving techniques like candying, drying, and pressing to extend it as long as I can. The decorations reflect that. You can expect any combination of the following, but usually all. :)


Floral Cake Decoration:

  • Candied fruit

  • Sugared herbs

  • Pressed flowers

  • Fresh herbs and (depending on the season) fruit ​

    • Spring: Some berries, cherries,

    • Summer:  Most berries, stonefruit, melon, grapes, pears, apples

    • Fall: Pears, apples

    • Winter: Citrus curds


Each cake is 9”, made with responsibly sourced ingredients, and decorated simply with seasonal curds, preserves, and candied fresh fruit, herbs, and flowers. 

For the most part, I use locally milled flour from and Migrash Farm (though sometimes a cake just wants Cake Flower). Dairy comes from Apple Valley Creamery, South Mountain Creamery, or a2 Milk®. Butter is usually Rumiano, unless it's vegan in which case it's Miyoko's Cultured Vegan Butter or Earth Balance. Produce is either in season, candied for use out of season, or, if you really insist, the best quality frozen I can find.

Flower Cake 10.JPG

Double Layer Citrus Corn Cake, Stem Ginger Buttercream, Corn Mousse, Strawberry Jellies

Flower Cake 11.JPG

Vegan Double Layer Apple Cider Caramel Cake, Stem Ginger Buttercream, Crystallized Herbs

Floral Cupcakes.jpg

Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla and Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Candied Kiwi


I’m happy to accommodate your specific dietary needs, but cannot provide a specific pricing scale because it depends on the flavors and size you choose. However, you should expect it to be slightly more expensive than the base price of $55 for a single layer and $75 for a double layer, due to the unfortunate but true fact that gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan ingredients are more expensive.