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I’m a baker, writer, and brand strategist based in Madison, WI. Find my bylines over at Food52, DCist, Eaten Magazine, Bitch (RIP), Lunch Rush, and elsewhere, or peruse recipes over at The Thirlby, Curious Elixirs, and Food52. 


Previously, I worked as a copywriter and project manager for DTC brands like Made In Cookware, Pineapple Collaborative, and Zoe's Ghana Kitchen. Since 2018, I’ve been working with brands and small businesses to collaboratively define and refine their digital identities through creative and data-informed content.


Sometimes I make and sell floral cakes decorated with homegrown edible flowers either fresh, pressed, or sugared. Flavors are classic or esoteric depending on what you’re into, with an emphasis on seasonal and unusually preserved fruit, flora, and herbs.

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